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(Banner since Monday the 13th of January in the year 2014)
This little drawing has come to life using a black ballpoint and an image of notorious but awesome Amon, from the new Avatar Korra-series, as a reference. For this purpose I edited the image with Paint.NET to make it darker and fit more into my little homepage.
Also nice to note, this is about the only fan-art thingy I drew using a reference that worked out well. People that have seen my earlier attempt on my Newgrounds might understand what I mean by that. *cough*
Are you sure you want to continue? *flickering red emergency lights*



This website is heavily under construction, so it could be that there are a few bugs here and there, but nothing tootoo serious.
It won't kill you at least.

But I encourage you to enter despite of this warning, because I need feedback on what I am doing.

Have fun, if you enter. Have fun, if you don't enter (but less).